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A - G

  • BYOP - Bring Your Own Pen. Some caches require you to BYOP since they are normally too small to hold a writing implement. You should always BYOP whenever geocaching as you will never know if the one in the cache is missing or out of ink.
  • Cache - This is what you are looking for. It is a container that varies in size from (smallest to biggest) nano, micro, small, regular and large. It will contain a log sheet at a minimum.
  • CITO - Cache In Trash Out. This is what geocachers do to improve the environment around them.
  • DNF - Did Not Find. Log a DNF if you have searched and cannot find the cache. Sometimes, this is due to the cache being muggled. Logging a DNF sends a message to the owner to check on the cache.
  • FTF - First to Find. The first person who finds a new cache can claim an FTF. FTF's are very difficult to get on Guam, unless your name is Jimp59 or MJW71772!
  • Geocoin - A trackable item that moves from cache to cache. They normally have a special mission or goal. It's movement is tracked on Do not keep these items.
  • Geosenses - When a cache says use your geosenses, it normally means you just have to look around for something out of the ordinary.
  • Geotrail - A path leading to a cache that is created by geocachers walking and searching near GZ.
  • GPS - Global Positioning Satellites/System. Satellites that orbit the earth sending signals to a GPSr to determine ones position. Accuracy is pinpointed to within 10-20 feet.
  • GPSr - Global Positioning Satellites Receiver. An electronic device that determines your location by using satellite technology.
  • GZ - Ground Zero. Where the cache is located.

H - M

  • Log/Logbook - Every cache contains one. This is what you sign when you find the cache. Please leave room for other cachers to sign.
  • LPC - Lamp Post Cache. Also known as ALPC or Another Lamp Post Cache. Normally hidden under the skirt of a lamp post.
  • Muggle - Non-Geocacher.
  • Muggled - A term refering to a cache that is missing, taken or gone. Eg, this cache may have been muggled.

N - S

  • Pen - Something every cacher should have when geocaching. It's no fun climbing to the top of Mt. Lam Lam only to find that the pen in the cache is either missing or out of ink ("Junior Boy, go run back to the car and grab a pen!")
  • Phone a Friend - An option used by many geocachers if they cannot find a cache and do not want to log a DNF.
  • PNG - Park and Grab, Refers to a cache that is easy to get to and find. One that doesn't require much physical effort.
  • Rent-A-Muggle - A security guard.
  • SL - Signed Log
  • Swag - Items used for trading

T - Z

  • TFTC - Thanks For The Cache
  • TFTMC - Thanks For The Multi-Cache
  • TFTVC - Thanks For The Virtual Cache
  • TNLN - Took Nothing Left Nothing
  • Trackable Item - See either "Geocoin" or "Travel Bug"
  • Travel Bug - A trackable item created by a geocacher using a Travel Bug Tag. They normally have a special mission or goal. Do not keep these items. They are meant to move from cache to cache and it's movement is tracked on
  • UPR - Unnatural Pile of Rocks. Rocks don't naturally stack themselves up neatly and you don't normally find rocks growing in trees.
  • UPS - Unnatural Pile of Sticks. Similar to an unnatural pile of rocks but made of sticks instead.
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